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CK Chemical Products, LLC.® is dedicated to sales, distribution and export of specialized products for the construction sector, highway markings and industrial uses.All our products meet or exceed all required norms and are of the highest quality, so they can be specified or used without any problem in all construction projects, parking or highway markings as well as in maintenance projects for the food and beverage, healthcare or chemical industries, among others.We also offer the support you need to have products custom made or manufactured to specific project requirements. We not only offer products, we offer solutions to your projects with a quality technical support.

Our Mission

  • To offer a quality Customer Service experience
  • To be a key Investigation and Technical Support asset so our clients can apply the product correctly in their projects
  • Support our clients in all possible ways


Some of our products include:

Construction and Waterproofing Products

  • Cementitious Grout for Repair
  • Sealers and Curing Compounds for Concrete Floors
  • Reinforcement Fibers
  • Polyurethane Sealers for Joints
  • Hydro-Expansive Polyurethane Sealer for Joints
  • Butyl Tape Sealant
  • Poliuretane Waterproofing Membranes
  • Hydroactive Polyurethane Resins
  • WaterStop

Highway and Road Marking Products

  • Ennis-Flint Traffic Paints
  • Ennis-Flint Thermoplastic Paints
  • Glass Beads
  • Premark Preformed Thermoplastic
  • Stimsonite Reflective Pavement Markers
  • Bituminous Marker Adhesive
  • Asphalt Patch and Crack Filler
  • Driveway Asphalt Coating
  • Signaling Equipment

Industrial and Maintenance Products

  • Floor Epoxies
  • Maintenance Epoxies
  • Industrial Paints
  • Wood Preservation and Repair Epoxies
  • Wood Stains and Oils
  • High Temperature Aerosols
  • Epoxy Aerosols

US Federal Specification Traffic Safety Marking Paints
Certified Products


Our specialized products for the construction sector, parking and highways, as well as those for industrial uses, can be used in different classes of projects and mega projects.Our warehouse and logistics department are structured so we can serve deliveries on a rapid manner. Coordinating deliveries ahead of time, our products can be delivered directly to your project and/or to a local or international port. No matter where your project is located (local or international), our products can reach you.The lines of products distributed by us, can be delivered directly in the factory and/or in any address or port of your interest. The products that are manufactured exclusively for us can also be delivered in any address or port and any other international location of your choice. We have a vast experience in shipment logistics and, products can be delivered exactly where you need them.


For products from our lines that are not available locally, we can offer them by special order and our logistics department can deliver them from plant to our warehouse or the location of your choice in just a few days.


Tel.: 809-699-1333/ 1322

Fax: 809-699-6745
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To inquire about any of our products or to request a technical sheet, please contact us by phone or e-mail or fill out the form in the contact us section of this website.